Cheese Factory

Company Factory For production of Dairy, Cheese and Juice

The factory was established and founded in the year 2010 in Dammam city, and the equipments and machines were producing (12) varieties of Juice, Cheeses and Dairy products for distribution in company's stores.

Day by day and with the passage of time challenges and requirements have been increased, and therefore makes it imperative for the company to keep pace with the development and progress as well as to follow the wheel of the development. Therefore, latest machines and equipments were brought, and number of skilled manpower has been increased for producing juices with all types of flavors and all kinds of cooked cheeses and triangles shaped cheese as well.

It was also taken into account the specifications and standards of Food and Drug Administration for Standardization and Metrology, and bring in fresh meat from local markets in order to gain customer satisfaction and accelerate development in our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.